Country artist is open book on new tour, coming to RL

Published: October 5, 2016


Fans of country music in the 1990s and the 2000s will be familiar with Canadian sensation Terri Clark and her chart topping hits “I just want to be mad”, “I wanna do it all”, and “ Girls lie too.”

However, the artist says her upcoming tour “Back to my Roots” is more than just about playing hit songs. Instead it is about exploring the stories and inspirations behind more than two decades of music.

“This is a very different show than anyone has ever seen. It is very vulnerable,” Clark told the Northern Sun News on Sept. 20. “ I lay it all out there and tell stories. It is a walk through time about my life, my relationship with music. I talk about my relationship, my mom. There is a lot of stuff that is connecting with the audience and they are very much a part of this.”

Terri Clark came onto the music scene in 1995 after signing with Mercury Records and has sold over 5 million albums with hits in both Canada and the United States. She has been voted Canadian Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year eight times and Female Vocalist of the Year five times.

Clark will be in Red Lake on Oct. 13 as part of a 40-stop tour that features nothing more than her and her guitar. She says the tour formation is different from anything she has done and audiences are responding.

“With entertainment there can be a lot of smoke and mirrors. This is as raw as it gets and I feel like people are hungry for that from an artist that has been involved in their music and the music has been part of their life.”

She adds that the informal environment includes a question and answer session where the audience gets a chance to engage on a personal level with the artist. Inquires from previous shows have ranged from her music to when and where she takes off her famous Stetson and has even included marriage and date proposals.

“I usually just tell them they couldn’t handle me or something like that,” she recounts with a laugh when asked what her response is this line of questioning.

After more than 20 years in the business and success across North America the artist says there is one moment that registers as a career high.

“Getting that nod from the Grand Ole Opry and being the only Canadian female is a pretty special thing and a very high honour that I don’t take very lightly.”

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