Clinic reviews last two years, looks to the future

Published: January 25, 2017


It’s been two years since the Goldcorp Red Lake Regional Medical Centre opened its doors to the public and staff say after the initial year of working out the bugs, operations are running smoothly.

“We had a few issues with the geothermal but only in the summer. The floors were sweating. The heated floors are wonderful; we are so pleased with them. We are still doing a little bit of decorating,” said Executive Director Pat Delf, discussing the building and the organization’s goals for the future last week.

Staff moved into the completely constructed building at the end of January in 2015. In the first year Delf says the group had to overcome challenge related to technology and considering security strategies in the new, larger building.

“One thing we noticed was going from a small office to a large office was knowing what was going on in the space,” she says noting that the door between the office and waiting room was retrofitted with a lock as well as an automatic door opener for easier wheel chair access.

“One of the times is when we are working late on Mondays until 7:00 p.m. and we are isolated and the building is practically empty…we had to retrofit the door and we put a lock on so the entrances can be locked at the front.”

With staff at full capacity office space has been utilized and consideration is being given to other part-time services that can be added to the clinic to make patient visits as streamlined as possible, she adds.

“I hope [the building] is a friendlier atmosphere. Having all the services on one floor a patient can come see the doctor but if they have to be referred to the social worker or a nurse can pop in an do a flu shot they can go from one space to another without having to go exit the building. I think it’s more convenient for them.”

Delf says the group is working with the Community Health Care Committee now looking towards decorating the space to include a donor recognition wall.

“When we first moved in we hadn’t really considered we would have donations but the Lion’s Club approached us and they wanted to do something as a service group. They donated money for a new exam bed for the Nurse Practitioner.”

The operation is also working on obtaining charitable status in order to issue receipts to anyone who donates to their organization in the future.

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