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Red Lake Emergency Shelter to stay open for summer

BY CLAIRE CUDAHY The Red Lake Area Emergency Shelter will stay open for the summer thanks to the generous donations made by community members and businesses, says Operations Manager Janalee Jodouin. “It’s not a regular occurrence [...]

Local man hit by phone fraud

BY LINDSAY BRISCOE McMarmac resident Raymond Bouchard says he was suspicious of the more than two-hour telephone conversation he recently had with a woman claiming to work for Microsoft, but it wasn’t until he was out [...]

Theatre 105 preps for annual spring show

BY CLAIRE CUDAHY Theatre 105 is a few short weeks away from the debut of “Hang On Help Is On Its Way,” this year’s title of the annual spring variety show in Ear Falls. “This will [...]

What’s in your drinking water?

Red Lake and Ear Falls release 2014 Drinking Water System Reports BY LINDSAY BRISCOE Every year since Ontario’s Safe Drinking Water Act became law in 2002, the owners of municipal Drinking Water Systems must prepare an [...]

Home security company arrives in Red Lake

BY CLAIRE CUDAHY Though a recent spree of car and home break-ins might be the obvious reason for the arrival of Liberty Security in Red Lake, Ontario Regional Manager James Barclay says it has more to [...]