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Radford and Duhamel capture first world title

BY LINDSAY BRISCOE Eric Radford and Meagan Duhamel added another important distinction this week to a long list of career achievements: world figure skating champions. The win capped a perfect season for the team. They won [...]

What should the future of housing look like in the area?

BY LINDSAY BRISCOE The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) of the Municipality of Red Lake has been discussing several options for vacant land development (re-zoning) possibilities in the Red Lake area. The Block G property—the area west [...]

Climate change debate heats up Queen’s Park

BY LINDSAY BRISCOE A private members bill introduced at Queen’s Park earlier this month that affirms that climate change is caused by human made greenhouse gasses earned the support of members from all three parties. The [...]

You betta formalize!

Think back (for some of you, think waaaaay back) to your high school prom. Leading up to the big event, did you mull for days over the most elaborate corsage for your date? Did you finally [...]

The Water Buffalo to carry Rainy River Meats

BY CLAIRE CUDAHY The Water Buffalo recently announced that it would become an exclusive retailer of Rainy River Meats this spring. Rainy River Meats, though not technically a certified organic meat provider, processes free-range beef, pork, [...]