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Chris Sakamoto, who has been playing the Dryden Rotary Club’s Rotary Radio Bingo on CDKR for about three years with his friends, never thought he would live the dream of yelling ‘BINGO!’ It wasn’t until he recently dabbed the lucky G-50 that Sakamoto realized he actually won!

“I could not believe it actually happened, it was all surreal. It was a dream come true,” Sakamoto said, about his win. “I initially wanted to quit my job, buy a yacht and live big like in those rap videos but my friends brought me back to reality and told me it was only $500. I think I am just going to continue living a simple life – with just a few less bills.”

Red Lakers make up a significant number of the radio bingo players which means the Rotary Club is able to donate funds to the community. The Red Lake hospital recently received a cheque for $7500 to purchase new blood transfusion equipment and The Red Lake Wilderness Entertainment Series received $2000 to be able to bring top-notch performers to the area.

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