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Bellies reddened as floppers raise money for Special Olympics Ontario

Lisa Dumontier

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Norseman Floatplane Festival, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Red Lake Detachment helped raise just over $1,200 to support Special Olympics Ontario via the area’s third annual Belly Flop Contest. Held on July 22nd, the Contest was open to jumpers of all ages and included seven teams who splashed into Howey Bay vying for the coveted title of Belly Flop Champions.

“It was bigger and better than last year,” said OPP Sergeant Kelly Hall who was instrumental in planning the successful fundraiser. “I think we can expect—as long as we’re able to piggyback on the Norseman Festival—to get a good crowd again next year and we’re already looking at ways to plan the event better.”

“The participants were great and you really have to give it up for a team who paraded downtown in diapers,” she continued referring to the contest’s big winners of the day, the Goldcorp Whiners (pictured above) who arrived on scene dressed in full baby gear to the roars and laughter of the gathered crowd. “I think that their enthusiasm speaks highly of the people involved and while we appreciate the donations, it’s hard not to recognise that the people who will put themselves out there are what really make the event a success and also a lot of fun.”

Other participants of the 2012 Belly Flop Contest for Special Olympics Ontario included teams from Subway, Northwest Tim-BR Mart, the Red Lake District High School Girls Rams Hockey Team, the OPP, and a series of youth teams who rounded out the bunch and braced themselves for impact with Howey Bay in support of a very worthy cause.

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