How do we compete with FREE?

There are new Facebook pages popping up for our area all the time, designed to help local residents sell their personal items or market their event. Red Lake & Area’s Buy ‘n’ Sell, Red Lake Area Women’s Clothing, Red Lake Area Homes for Sale, Red Lake District Community Bulletin Board – the list goes on. […]


Kenora mayor calls for northwest ‘common voice’

BY JON THOMPSON Presented with two pages of options for prioritizing economic development in Northwestern Ontario, one priority emerged before the surveys were counted: regional political autonomy. Of the 17 suggested points presented at the Northwestern Ontario Regional Conference, speaker after speaker approached the microphone to recommend others vote for “Devolution of Government Decision Making […]

Culture News

Pow Wow celebrates 10 years

By Jennifer Thurbide It has been a decade since the Indigenous Youth Alliance made Tiffany Eckley’s vision of a Red Lake Pow Wow into a reality. For 2013, as in years past, the anniversary event will be held in her honour. The annual Red Lake Pow Wow is slated to begin at the Dan Kucheran […]