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24th annual Red Lake Triathlon

2013 Red Lake Triathlon results

Olympic Men: 1st Neil Sidders (2h 53m 31s); 2nd Robert Partridge (2h 54m 57s); 3rd Roy Sidders (2h 57m 4s)

Olympic Women: 1st Jenn Maki (3h 2m 40s); 2nd Amy Smart (3h 22m 6s)

Sprint Men: 1st Brad Lacoste (1h 28m 3s); 2nd Richard Radford (1h 34m 56s); 3rd Paul Hessey (1h 48m 53s)

Sprint Women: 1st Jeanette Marcotte (1h 47m 47s); 2nd Jennifer Thurbide (2h 32m 9s)

Sprint Team: 1st Anderson/Anderson/Tymchuk (1h 15m 38s); 2nd Morgan/Norlock/Young (1h 30m 43s); 3rd Barc/Uhrina/Dubrueil (2h 01m 15s)

Kids 7 & Under: 1st Luke Brait (11m 28s); 2nd Zacharie Corey (12m 11s); 3rd Luke Norlock (13m 28s)

Kids 7 & Under Team: 1st Botel/Botel/Botel (18m 22s)

Kids 8-9: 1st Kacie Mota (23m 39s); 2nd Camryn Morse (24m 38s); 3rd Ben Norlock (28m 34s)

Kids 10-12: 1st Sarah Urquhart (23m 33s); 2nd Quinn Brait (23m 53s); 3rd Andre Morin (24m 13s)

Kids 13-15: 1st Alex Urquhart ( 46m 36s); 2nd Jocelyn Morin (1h 11m 8s)

Kids 13-15 Team: Green/Green (1hr 1m 53s)

A total of 49 participants entered the triathlon this year.

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